An Impacted Wisdom Tooth May Need Surgical Extraction

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Nature initially intended for wisdom teeth to be included in the human complement of adult teeth. In the ancient past, our ancestors may have used these third molars to process tough foods and roots. However, the modern human mouth typically has little room to house these teeth, which can mean many problems and complications.

Wisdom teeth characteristically begin to erupt from the gums in the late teen years. If there isn’t enough room in the back of your child’s mouth to allow for these teeth, they may become trapped or turned at an abnormal angle. The pressure created by an impacted wisdom tooth may slowly affect the roots of the rear molar. In time it may even result in total loss of the formerly healthy molar or the development of a painful dental cyst.

To prevent these complications, Dr. Daniel Cannon often recommends having any impacted wisdom teeth surgically extracted. This usually means full sedation, so you won’t have to worry about being awake for the procedure. Nor should you need two procedures, as both teeth will be removed in the same surgery.

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