Impacted Canines

What is an impacted tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that is stuck in the bone and gum tissues and is unable to properly erupt. The wisdom teeth often become impacted. The next most common teeth to become impacted are the canines (maxillary cuspids), sometimes called the eyeteeth. The maxillary cuspid teeth are usually the last of the front teeth to erupt, and if they become impacted, our oral surgeon can help to ensure proper eruption. Early detection is important to providing the most successful and noninvasive treatment possible. If you notice that your child’s teeth are not growing in as usual, we encourage you to contact Cannon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or ask your general dentist whether additional treatment is needed. If it is determined that the canines are impacted, Dr. Daniel Cannon will provide the needed treatment to help the teeth erupt.

If an eyetooth is impacted because of insufficient space, we may recommend orthodontic treatment to create room for the maxillary cuspid. When the space has opened up, the tooth often erupts on its own. If the eyetooth will not erupt and there is proper space available, we may perform a simple surgical procedure in which we lift the gum on top of the impacted canine tooth in order to expose the tooth. We then bond an orthodontic bracket to the tooth, attach a miniature chain to it, and attach the chain to the orthodontic arch wire. An orthodontist will then attach a rubber band to the chain, which provides light force to help the tooth erupt. The process of erupting an impacted canine tooth often requires several months to a full year. For more information on treatment for an impacted canine in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we welcome you to contact us at 918-743-1351 today.