Sinus Lift

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a common bone grafting procedure often needed for patients with bone loss in the upper jaw. The aim of a sinus lift is to grow bone in the floor of the maxillary sinus (an empty, air-filled space behind your cheeks on top of the upper teeth). By growing and strengthening the bone in this area, we can successfully place dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Do I need a sinus lift?

Dr. Daniel Cannon may recommend a sinus lift if you have lost one or more upper teeth. When these teeth are removed, there is often only a thin wall of bone that separates the mouth from the maxillary sinus. Dental implants require more substantial bone structure, and this condition may make it impossible to place a dental implant. During a sinus lift in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our skilled oral surgeon makes a small incision in the premolar or molar region, exposing the jawbone. The membrane lining the sinus is then pushed upward, and the underlying space is filled with bone grafting material. This improves the strength and density of the bone in this area and allows for the successful placement of the dental implant.

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