Jawbone Health

Why are teeth important for jawbone health?

When one or more teeth have been lost or extracted, the jawbone in that area begins to deteriorate, leading to bone loss because the bone tissues are no longer being used to hold the teeth in place. When the teeth are in place, they stimulate the jawbone during regular activities such as chewing and biting. Without the teeth stimulating the jawbone, the bone begins to resorb. This loss of jawbone can also result in additional problems with both your appearance and overall health.

What problems can be caused by tooth and jawbone loss?

The following are common problems associated with tooth and jawbone loss:

  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Difficulty speaking and effectively communicating
  • Distortion of facial features
  • Inadequate nutrition because of an inability to chew properly and painlessly
  • Jaw joint (TMJ) pain, facial pain and headaches
  • Limited lip support
  • Problems with the remaining teeth such as drifting, misalignment, loosening and loss
  • Sinus expansion
  • Skin wrinkling around the mouth

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