Extraction by an Experienced Oral Surgeon vs. Dentist

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When contemplating a tooth extraction surgery, you’ll undoubtedly be wondering whether to have the procedure done by your regular dentist or someone with a specialty in the field of oral surgery. While both a dentist and oral surgeon have been trained to remove teeth, the oral surgeon has undergone more schooling and has more day-to-day experience in this type of surgery. A dentist may only do an extraction a few times a year. So, what it really comes down to is that it depends on the difficulty of the extraction. Here are a few things to consider:

General Anesthesia

The oral surgeon has been trained and certified to administer general anesthesia that can put you completely under, making it less stressful for the anxiety-prone patient. This may not be the case with a general dentist who may only be able to give you local anesthetic and nitrous oxide to dull the discomfort.

Difficulties, Complications, and Emergencies

There are instances where a surgery runs into unforeseen complications such as; reactions to anesthesia, teeth that break up during extraction, abnormal root systems, complex tooth position, encroachment into the sinus cavity, etc. In these cases, a wise dentist will defer to an experienced oral surgeon anyway before attempting such extractions.

The bottom line is that the advanced training and frequent experience of an oral surgeon can be major advantages and alleviate worries about potential problems during a tooth extraction surgery.

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