Nerve Repositioning

What is nerve repositioning?

Nerve repositioning is a procedure sometimes needed when placing dental implants in the lower jaw. The inferior alveolar nerve is the nerve that gives feeling to the lower lip and chin. In certain cases, the placement of dental implants may have the potential to interfere with the inferior alveolar nerve. To avoid this, our oral surgeon may recommend nerve repositioning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is typically only needed when teeth are missing in the area of the back two molars or second premolar, and Dr. Daniel Cannon may also suggest alternatives (like the placement of blade implants).

During the nerve repositioning procedure, our oral surgeon removes an outer section of the cheek side of the lower jawbone, exposing the nerve and vessel canal. Dr. Cannon then isolates the nerve and vessel bundle and pulls it slightly to one side. The implants can then be placed, and the nerve bundle is released and placed back over the implants. Finally, the surgical access area is refilled with bone graft material. Nerve repositioning at Cannon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is completed in our in-office surgical suite under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Following the treatment, we recommend bed rest for one day and limited physical activity for one week.

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