Sometimes Wisdom Teeth Require Surgical Extraction

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The average person has four wisdom teeth in the back of their mouth. They usually attempt to erupt from the gums in late adolescence after the permanent molars have replaced the primary molars. As this starts to happen, you might feel significant discomfort behind the rear molars or in the nearby jaw muscles.

Most people lack sufficient room in the back of their mouth to accommodate these emergent wisdom teeth. This can cause excess pain and lead to other complications. Sometimes a trapped tooth can turn to threaten the roots of the otherwise healthy rear molar.

To prevent these complications and relieve the pain, Dr. Daniel Cannon can extract the wisdom teeth in a single outpatient appointment. If he recommends full sedation, you will need to arrange for a ride home while the sedative effect dissipates.

While your gums are healing, you will need to stick to a diet of soft foods. You will also need to avoid drinking through a straw. The suction could potentially open the incision or lead to a condition known as dry socket.

If you happen to use tobacco, this would be a good time to consider cessation. Heat, tar, and other chemicals can irritate healing gums and cause an infection.

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