The Recovery Tips You Need

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If you have recently undergone bone graft surgery, your recovery process is extremely important. If you take good care of the graft site, you will have the successful results you are looking for. To help you fully and properly recover, our Cannon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery team recommends that you do the following things:

-Stop the bleeding: It’s very common to experience some bleeding after a bone graft. The slight oozing and the blood-tinged saliva should only last about 12 to 24 hours. During this time, control the bleeding by putting a clean gauze pad over the area and applying pressure to the pad for about an hour. If the bleeding does not subside, replace the old gauze pad with a new one.

-Reduce swelling: You can expect swelling in the mouth, cheeks, eyes, and sides of your face following bone graft surgery. The best thing you can do is ice outside the surgical area for 30 minutes at a time. Simply ice the area for a half hour and then give the area a break for the next half hour and repeat this process throughout the day.

-Take medications: Typically, your dentist will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to you to help relieve pain and prevent infection. Do your best to follow the instructions for each product and don’t stop taking the antibiotics until they are gone. Also, please do not take the pain medication on an empty stomach.

-Watch your diet: Once your anesthetic has worn off, it’s best to start your diet with plenty of fluids, like water, milk and juice. However, do not use a straw to consume these drinks. Straws tend to dislodge the clot and encourage bleeding. Along with drinking plenty of liquids, you can also eat cool, soft foods as long as you chew away from the graft site. Each day will get better if you gradually add harder and more solid foods to your diet.

-Get plenty of rest: It’s important that you rest as much as possible for the first two or three days. This will help your recovery. Please do not participate in strenuous activities because exercise may further weaken you.

For more information about the recovery process following bone graft surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call 918-743-1351 today and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Daniel Cannon! Our friendly and caring dental team is here to give you the tips and information you need to succeed.