Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary

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If you are experiencing jaw pain or bleeding in the back of your gums, you could be suffering from your wisdom teeth coming in. Wisdom teeth appear last of all your teeth, usually in the teen to young adult years. Wisdom teeth can be painful and cause many oral health problems, which is why it’s often ideal to get them removed.

Our oral surgeon, Dr. Daniel Cannon, offers wisdom teeth removal to help your smile. That is why, our team at Cannon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, is happy to share some tips with you on why removing your wisdom teeth is important.

Here is some insight you may need to understand why you should remove your wisdom teeth:

– Wisdom teeth can lead to several oral health risks, including knocking other teeth out of their alignment.
– Wisdom teeth eruption can lead to infections.
– To prevent risks associated with wisdom teeth, visit your dentist to talk about treatment opportunities.
– It is important to be aware that when wisdom teeth break above your gumline, they can make your gums swollen, damaged and prone to gum disease.
– Wisdom teeth can cause pain as they pierce through your gums, so it is important to make sure they grow in correctly.
– Wisdom teeth often need to be removed because they do not fully grow in.

As you can see, wisdom teeth removal can be necessary at times for people. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth or wonder if removing them is right for you, please call us today at 918-743-1351 to make an appointment. We will ensure that your wisdom teeth removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is comfortable and goes smoothly.