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Wisdom teeth usually erupt in the late teen years but can arrive as early as 14 or 15 and as late as 21 years of age. It used to be that shortly after wisdom teeth came in, it was off to have them removed. Fast forward to today and the old ways of thinking have evolved to include keeping wisdom teeth – if they don’t cause a problem.

At the office of Cannon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we will do a thorough exam and X-rays, even before the wisdom teeth have erupted, just to monitor them under the gums. The dentist takes into account the shape of your teeth, the space in your mouth, and the health of the jaw, to determine whether the teeth should be removed. If you have a narrow mouth, misaligned teeth, or a small-than-average jaw, Dr. Daniel Cannon may suggest extracting the wisdom teeth. If, however, after the teeth have surfaced and you don’t seem bothered by them, and they don’t present a problem, the dentist may leave them alone.

Other things to take into consideration may be the position of wisdom teeth. They may be harder to clean and floss, increasing chances of decay and cavities- especially if you are prone to them. Also, they can crowd your mouth and shift the other teeth out of place, resulting in a misaligned smile that can also affect your bite. Of course, no one wants oral surgery to remove the teeth, if it’s not necessary, so get in touch with our office at 918.743.1351 for an appointment, to determine if wisdom teeth extraction in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the best decision for you.