Wisdom Teeth Often Need to Be Extracted to Prevent Complications

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Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are essentially vestigial teeth lingering deep within the gums in the back of the mouth. In late adolescence, they can start to move and attempt to emerge. This can be an uncomfortable or even painful experience.

Early symptoms might include a feeling of pressure or pain deep in the gums. This pain should not be taken lightly as it could be a sign that one or more wisdom teeth are impacted. When this happens, the tooth can be trapped inside the gums and it has the potential to damage the roots of the healthy molars.

Even if one or two of the wisdom teeth do manage to fully emerge, they will still need daily brushing and flossing. Without regular care and cleaning, the wisdom teeth will be just as susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease as any other tooth in your mouth.

As a rule of thumb, your dentist recommends having the wisdom teeth removed shortly after all of the permanent teeth have fully replaced the primary teeth. In some cases, he can perform the wisdom tooth extraction in the clinic. If one or more teeth are badly impacted, then you might need to be referred to a local oral surgeon.

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